The Sexy Bride

You know you want to be Sexy on your wedding day, but how do you select the right dress?  First,  shop at a store that has the best selection for you, like Anjolique.  Not every shop understands the vision of the sexy bride.  At Anjolique, we not only understand your vision, we embrace it in every way!  We also understand the difference between being sexy and being scandalous, a very important distinction since the sexy bride exudes feminine grace and glamour while carefully refraining from being scandalous.

The gown featured above by Eve of Milady is a new addition to our collection for the Sexy Bride.  Made of the most exquisite french laces, it features an amazing fitted body, sweetheart neckline, semi-sheer front, side and hip panels and Eve’s signature sweetheart “booty”  Nothing could be sexier than the lines of this gown–or more feminine or elegant for that matter.  The soft organza ruffled skirt billows in angled waves into a cathedral train and the embellishment of the dress with its swarovski crystal is absolute enchantment.

Call us at 704-892-6450 to come in to see this dress or book your appointment online  Couture at its most beautiful and elegant, Anjolique’s selection of over 100 gowns individually selected for the Sexy Bride will thrill your senses!




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