Vintage meets Modern flare

amalia carrara back

Loving the view from behind! There is something incredibly romantic about a long sleeve gown with a low back–it is revealing and yet seductively romantic at the same time. With its soft hint of color, this gown alludes to a more traditional time and in some respects it does give a glance towards tradition. However our modern bride will love the curve hugging pattern of the dress, the open bare back (which surely her mother would not have worn!) and -dare we say it– the all important “booty scoop” that is all the rage today. Thus,  what may seem to be  vintage lace has been reborn into a 21st century masterpiece of bridal fashion. It definitely helps that legendary designer Eve Muscio of the eponymous Eve of Milady Bridals created  this stunning gown delicately embellished with moonstone and crystal.

Let us know your thoughts!

This gown is currently part of the collection of gowns at Anjolique Bridal in Cornelius North Carolina.  Call for more information 704-892-6450.


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